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ModirumID is an authentication and verification software solution that can be installed to a Mobile device to provide strong authentication of customer cardholder performing 3-D Secure Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey or Discover ProtectBuy authentication. ModirumID generated authentication tokens are verified by MDpay ACS [Access Control Server]. ModirumID is fully integrated into MDpay ACS and can be activated using MDpay ACS Admin administration software. The administration software for MDpay ACS product, MDpay ACS Admin, has also ModirumID support integrated by default and can be easily activated. End-user login to MDpay ACS Admin can be performed securely using ModirumID using Mobile devices.

ModirumID Mobile authentication and verification software can also be easily integrated to any customer’s own web application, for example web banks, implemented in any programming language and running on any operating system platform to provide strong end-user authentication using Mobile devices.

ModirumID product consists of the following architecture components:

  • ModirumID Mobile App [APP]
  • ModirumID Identity [ID]
  • ModirumID Directory Server [DS]
  • ModirumID Bank Server [BS]
  • ModirumID Authentication Server [AS]

ModirumID Mobile App [APP] is available for the following mobile device platforms:

  • Apple iOS [Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch]
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows Phone *
  • Nokia Asha, Symbian or any other Java ME [JME, Java Micro Edition] compatible platform *
  • BlackBerry OS *

ModirumID Mobile App [APP] can be downloaded to the mobile device from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Windows Phone Store*, Nokia Store* and BlackBerry World*.

* to be released later

Available on the App Store

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