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At Modirum Group, we achieve supremacy in deep technologies.

We unlock new possibilities with AI-driven solutions
that enhance security and drive innovation.

Our diversified portfolio of companies delivers the most novel software platforms and solutions, combining expertise to empower businesses for a future-ready world.

To be the leading global hub of deep-tech innovation, empowering tomorrow’s leaders and shaping the future of technology.

Modirum History

Founded in Helsinki in 1997, Modirum initially operated as a consulting company in financial services. Quickly recognizing the emerging potential of 3-D Secure, a new protocol at the time, it soon became Modirum’s core business, as from the early 2000s.

For over two decades, Modirum maintained a dedicated focus on payment authentication solutions, until the divestiture of this segment in late 2023.

This strategic shift directed the company’s attention to its three Al-driven domains of business:

Banking and Payments

Banking and Payments

Defence Sector Platforms and Technologies

Defence Sector Platforms and Technologies

Industry Platforms Sector and Technologies

Industry Platforms Sector and Technologies

Modirum Today

Modirum has grown steadily and profitably throughout its existence.

Our professional teams empower customers to future-proof their operations by pioneering groundbreaking platforms with the latest technologies

Today, the Modirum brand and Modirum sister companies strive to be global category leaders, dedicated to delivering innovative digital solutions and services across diverse industries, including fintech, banking, security, defence, aerospace, and government sectors.

Our operating model remains entrepreneurial, agile and purpose driven.

Trusted by government operations, leading businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, our software products drive innovation and transformation for our clients worldwide.

1997 – 2001

Start: Jari Hekkinen & Partners establish a company
3-D Secure protocol launched

2001 – 2010

Visa creates 3-D Secure ASC service (Visa VCAS)
Consulting on 3-D Secure protocol

2010 – 2015

Modirum becomes a leading vendor of 3-D Secure Solutions

EMVCo consulting services

2015 – 2018

New product development initiatives
Investment in BC Platforms Ag (Bioinformatics and genetics, Switzerland)

2018 – 2023

Investment in NSION Oy (Security Technology company, Finland)

New product development

2023 – 2024

Acquisition of majority of shares in NSION Oy; NSION is renamed to Modirum Security Technologies.

Acquisition of WebFactory (Software development company, Macedonia)

Acquisition of Cloudriven (leading Microsoft Technology enterprise, Finland)

Professional Services expansion starts in Switzerland and the DACH Region.

2024 – present

The group strategy focuses on four selected growth areas.

Nordic excellence with a
Global impact

Fully certified with the latest security and data privacy standards

Valued partner for the industry-leading businesses

Nordic excellence with a
Global impact

Fully certified with the latest security and data privacy standards

Nordic excellence with 

Valued partner for the industry-leading businesses

Meet our Team

The experts leading the way

Jari Heikkinen

Founder, Chairman

Tero Silvola

President and CEO, Modirum Group

Elias Silvola

BD, Modirum Group | CEO, Modirum Defence

Vlado Galevski

CMO, Modirum Group

Maarit Lukkari

Group Controller

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