Modirum Team at Money 20/20 US in Las Vegas


Modirum Experts to Ignite Innovation at Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas

We are thrilled to announce that Modirum will be participating in the Money 20/20 US Conference in Las Vegas. The event is set to take place at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas from October 22nd to 25th, and among the many distinguished participants will be Ben Dominguez, our President of 3-D Secure, and Vlado Galevski, our Chief Market Officer and Group Marketing.

Money 20/20: Where the Future of Money Takes Shape 

The Conference stands as the epicenter of the FinTech world, where the brightest minds and innovative companies converge. It has firmly established itself as the global stage where the future of payments, banking, fintech, and financial services takes shape. This event represents the world’s largest and most influential gathering of the global money ecosystem, offering invaluable insights, connections, and innovations for leaders in the field. As world-class experts in 3-D Secure technologies and FinTech services, our experts will be there to represent Modirum`s top-notch 3-D Secure technology and solutions. 

Meet Our Experts at Money 20/20 US 

Drop us a brief message at to connect with our team at the conference and explore new business opportunities. Our experts will guide you in maximizing 3-DS for your business, ensuring a seamless payment experience with reduced fraud risk. 

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