Modirum’s 3-D Secure Server Certified by eftpos


Modirum’s 3-D Secure Server Certified by eftpos

Enhancing Payment Security in Australia

Modirum, a global leader in innovative 3-D Secure Payment Authentication solutions, is excited to announce that Modirum’s 3-D Secure Server is now successfully certified by eftpos, Australia’s domestic payments network. eftpos is part of Australian Payments Plus (AP+), Australia’s domestic payments organization that also includes BPAY and the New Payments Platform.

What does eftpos certification mean?

This certification is a significant milestone, as Modirum’s 3-D Secure Server has successfully completed a rigorous evaluation by eftpos’ Certification body. It is now fully compliant with all eftpos rules and specifications, allowing Modirum to introduce its innovative 3-D Secure solutions to a wide range of stakeholders in the Australian market.

Enhancing transaction safety and reducing the risk of payment fraud in Australia

The certification is an important step towards enhancing transaction safety and reducing the risk of fraud in the Australian payment landscape. Compliance with eftpos regulations sets the stage for Modirum to bring its innovative and trusted 3-D Secure solutions to payment service providers, payment gateways, acquirers and merchants across Australia, ultimately delivering a superior user experience for all Australian cardholders.

Collaboration between Modirum and eftpos

This partnership with eftpos and the certification received from them, is a strategic achievement for Modirum. Partnering and complying with all leading international and domestic payment networks ensures that we are always fully up to date with all existing industry standards globally. It also underscores our commitment to providing the most secure and reliable payment experiences to partners and customers, both in Australia and worldwide.

About eftpos

eftpos is now part of Australian Payments Plus (AP+). AP+ brings together eftpos, BPAY and NPP Australia into one organization to shape the future of payments and identity in Australia. Our purpose is to unite people and technology to power better experiences. We have a clear vision to deliver more innovation to Australia’s payments ecosystem – so that Australian businesses, government and consumers experience more benefits, in more ways. For more information, visit

About Modirum

Modirum is a worldwide leader in 3-D Secure technology, offering a complete spectrum of solutions for Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, Payment Service Providers, and Merchants to ensure the security of card-not-present payments. With 20+ years of heritage in the fintech world, safely processing over 1 billion annual transactions for 700+ customers, we deliver highly efficient, secure, fast-to-integrate, and fully compliant payment solutions for businesses of all scales.

Founded in Finland in 1998, Modirum has evolved into a trusted global company, with support & development hubs across Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa.

For more info, visit or connect with us on Linkedin.

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