Entersekt Acquires Modirum 3-D Secure Payment Solutions to Accelerate Global Expansion2024-07-12T14:15:04+00:00
Modirum’s 3-D Secure Server Certified by eftpos2024-07-12T14:16:43+00:00
Modirum’s Access Control Server receives EMVCo 2.3.1 Protocol Approval2024-07-12T09:07:39+00:00
First Directory Server with EMVCo 2.3.1 approval2024-07-12T09:08:24+00:00
Modirum forges international alliance with Radiocoms2024-07-12T09:09:02+00:00
Modirum and Bankograph enter into partnership in Indochina market2024-07-12T10:54:47+00:00
Modirum 3DS SDKs re-certified for EMV 3DS 2.22024-07-12T11:30:34+00:00
Modirum to demonstrate Browser-SDK POC implementation in EMVCo 3DS SIM call2024-07-12T11:07:46+00:00
Modirum ACS is Visa Secure 2.2 compliant2024-07-12T12:16:58+00:00
Modirum ACS and MPI/3DSS are Mastercard ID Check 2.2 compliant2024-07-12T11:32:12+00:00
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